International environmental programe

 This venture is aimed at the memory of ancient times; our love for nature.
Organic cocoa is produced locally by indigenous from different tribes of indigenous all over the world. Other crops are also grown but Cocoa is grown locally with a surplus of a million pounds per year or more. 
Cocoa is a great tree; it eventually grows tall and stops being as much fruit. new trees are then sprouted and the forest is replanted. This herding of the forest keeps much of the air clean and calls for rain by controlling temperature and humidity. 
Chocolate is so popular I don't need to tell you about the importance of keeping the cocoa flowing to maintain and develop the organic markets. By processing the cocoa into butter and soaps we can help support the organic farmers. 
This is a business with a twist. I won't get rich even if the company is a global success; It is a registered non profit organization, since 2009. everyone involved should benefit from more than environmental improvements. We plan to expand a global franchise of eco workshops and tree nurseries to promote local production and a headquarters for our global reforestation plan.The first months we sell the brand aggressively through soaps, donations and investment. Telemarketing, direct sales, subscription programs and direct volunteering. 
Poverty levels are so high here I am offering worthy labor to simple yet very wise people; by bringing together people from all over the world the areas will flourish through organic farming techniques and sustainable development of culture and art.